[Employment] We’re Hiring: Join First United Methodist Church of Hanover’s Discipleship Team!


Are you passionate about discipleship?

Do you want to help middle and high schoolers grow into fully-formed followers of Jesus Christ?

First United Methodist Church of Hanover, PA, is seeking qualified applicants for a part-time Director of Youth Ministry position. This position, of 25 hours per week, will be responsible for leading ministries for Middle School and High School students.

If you are interested, or if you would like to know more, please contact me. Applications will be received through December 31, 2017.

Turn the page: A new chapter begins

It has been a while since I’ve posted anything.1 While there are many reasons for the hiatus, busyness, by far, has been the biggest reason.

At the beginning of June I resigned as pastor of the Mount Union Wesleyan Church, where I have served as pastor since August of 2007. My resignation marked the end of wonderful season of life and ministry––a rewarding and fruitful season that Crystal and I are grateful for (see accompanying pictures).

When I resigned we didn’t know where we would be going or what I would be doing. We resigned, in faith, believing that God had released us from our ministry in Mount Union and that we were being led to a place that would later be made clear.

In the month+ since I resigned, we’ve had a lot of time to process and reflect upon our time in Mount Union. While serving at Mount Union, we welcomed both of our children into the world (and our home). We’ve seen lives changed and people step out in faith. Individuals and teams have been dispatched on short-term mission trips. Families have been commissioned to help plant Overflow Church in Altoona, Pennsylvania. Lives have been changed. And, we’ve cultivated friendships that will endure. Saying ‘goodbye’ has been difficult, especially when we didn’t know where we were going or the particulars of what we would be doing.

Through it all, God has been faithful.

Doors opened.

Along the way, we met some great people and have forged new friendships.

On two occasions, we’ve received an unanimous invitation to serve/minister. Both opportunities were unexpected and the invitations very much appreciated. Both congregations extended hospitality and love beyond what we could ever expect. So, needless to say, the decision of what to do and where to serve was not an easy one.

After a great deal of prayer, and with no small amount of confirmation regarding our decision, I am pleased to announce that I have accepted the invitation of the First United Methodist Church of Hanover to join their staff as Associate Pastor (see accompanying pictures). As Associate Pastor, I’ll share in the preaching responsibilities with the Senior Pastor and will offer guidance and direction regarding the discipleship of children, youth and adults.

My time at MUWC will draw to a close in the near future and my time at FUMC of Hanover will begin toward the middle of August. In the time between, we’ll be packing, loading a moving truck and attempting to close on a house. With that in mind, we would appreciate your prayers.




  1. My most recent blog post was on May 22nd. It was a post that led to my most recent tweet. I did have a more recent Facebook post thanks to the eleven years of marital bliss that I celebrated with Crystal.